We were astounded by your generosity and the gifts themselves, which have already brought delight to several children in the locality


from a recipient in Harrow, London:
“Dear Soraya, I’m Mark I’m a customer at 115 Pound Lane hostel I personally want to say thank you for the parcels delivered to the hostel the messages on them written where truly touching I wish I could thank each person individually and look them in the eye so they understand how grateful we are. Please thank the two lady who travelled through all that traffic to drop of the parcels I’m certain all the customers and staff at pound lane are very thankful – a million thanks


Of all the wonderful things that happened, I think I most enjoyed the thoughtful and caring notes written on the packed lunch bags for the recipients by the young children at the mosque – and the incredible response from one recipient. That really brought home to me the way that everyone involved benefits so much from such activities


Muslims and Jews working together for the benefit of the wider community, and not just for their own communities, helps us to better understand the needs of the wider community, and to show the world that we don’t just ‘care for our own’. I LOVED going to Stanmore Mosque and was blown away by the warm, friendly and helpful reception I received there


Sadaqa Day is important on many levels.  Firstly it gives us the opportunity to do something good for those less fortunate then ourselves as well as bringing friends, families and communities together.  This was the first interfaith project I have worked on and will definitely not be the last. Standing together Muslims and Jews, working together for those who just need our help. Those who need our help don’t see our differences, they just see our kindness


Throughout the day I was shocked at how many homeless people and shelters were in need of help and I feel this day brought awareness to issues that are not completely known to everyone. It has inspired me to try and give more to those in need and I have tried to waste less food in my home and teach my children to do the same. I hope more days similar to this are done in the future as it made a great impact


It was absolutely brilliant! Especially working alongside people of other faiths. It opened my eyes to the prejudice we all carry deep inside us about other faiths simply because we do not understand them and it made me realize that fear is the motivating factor around the abuse Muslims seem to receive


It is an important aspect of Islam that I feel I sometimes forget about. By taking part I was actively putting myself out there and involving myself in charity work in a way that was more physical. I was able to see and do knowing I would be helping people and the actions affect us in a way that putting money in a box never will


I got involved as part of an interfaith women’s group. I felt tired going into the activity but then felt uplifted! I really enjoyed doing something good together


My sister was nagging me to come and contribute my time for a noble cause, charity is not only about giving money. The smile on the faces of people when delivering the goods…..nothing can come close to it. It was amazing to see children taking part


Visiting a care home was so new to me. Charity usually involves giving money. It is passive. This was active charity. I felt like I had achieved something. When we first got there I was overwhelmed and taken aback as we could see from the residents’ reaction that they rarely get visitors. I felt bad that I hadn’t done my part as a member of my community in taking care of my elders. The group I went with felt the same way and we agreed to visit monthly


The hope is that this generation does make a positive mark and events such as Sadaqa Day are a contributing factorThe hope is that this generation does make a positive mark and events such as Sadaqa Day are a contributing factor


Thank you for your kind words of appreciation! It was an absolute pleasure to help out. There’s always such a beautiful feeling in the air when people are gathered together for a positive cause. It’s very uplifting to be a part of it


I am inspired by the great work the Jewish community do with Mitzvah Day. I was also keen to ‘do’ charity in a more active way rather than just donating money. It is brilliant for bridge-building and community cohesion – it gets people out there talking to their community, working with them and for them


I was so moved recently when Adil contacted us to tell us about your Sadaqa Day activities and donation of almost 200 boxes of food, that level of support is incredible. Thank you